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Makers of Marvels

History teaches us that astonishing feats occur not when a singular leader envisions them, but when a mass of skilled workers collaborate to transform that vision into something material. The Transcontinental Railroad, for example, was not built overnight, but constructed by tens of thousands of workers over a period of years. The outcome indelibly changed transcontinental transportation and logistics. The iPhone has transformed the world as we know it -- but most of its power comes from the app store, which offers thousands of apps created from the imaginations of developers employing their expertise in UX, machine learning, IoT and much more. These developers are the makers of marvels in our time. They instantiate the very concept of digital transformation -- that notion of infrastructure disruption and re-assembly on the mind of every CIO. This enterprise software is no longer just driving computer infrastructure. Today it drives real infrastructure from wind turbines to automobiles and everything in between. Digital transformation is at the heart of IoT. Cloud Foundry is at the heart of digital transformation.

Abby Kearns Bio

Abby is a true tech veteran, with an 18 year career spanning product marketing, product management and consulting at a mix of Fortune 500 and startup companies. As the first fellow at Cloud Foundry Foundation and VP of Strategy, Abby was responsible for structuring and executing operational and strategic initiatives, as well as leading the User Advisory Board and Industry Special Interest Groups. Prior to joining the Foundation, she was part of the Product Management team at Pivotal, focusing on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Previously, Abby led a Product Management and Product Marketing team at Verizon focused on cloud services. In her free time, Abby enjoys posting up at her local coffee shop, indulging in food and wine, and spending time with her husband and son.

Conquering Scaling Challenges in IoT

We all know Gartner's expectations - 20 billion connected devices by 2020. People are not going to charge tens of devices every day so we need low power communication. More and more devices are being deployed remote so we need wide area networking. With the emergence of LPWAN and the commoditization of connectivity, the industry needs to focus on new challenges: life cycle optimization and environmental issues, firmware updates, transfer of ownership, spectrum regulation, security and privacy issues, and making IoT development and deployment as easy as WordPress. Learn how we aim to tackle all of this with The Things Network and its global community.

Johan Stokking Bio

Johan Stokking is tech lead and co-founder of The Things Network. Together with a strong community, he is on a mission to build an open, crowd sourced and decentralized internet of things data network. The city of Amsterdam was covered in six weeks. Global coverage is next.

Johan started The Things Network in the summer of 2015 with Wienke Giezeman. With over a 100 communities worldwide, impact on thousands of people and a reach in the millions, they are committed to build the global network together with the community.

Wiring the IoT

Fun projects to demonstrate the potential of using Raspberry Pi, Node-RED and MQTT for wiring the Internet of Things. Including Fartometer (as featured on IBM's home page), SMS child's bunny rabbit and, of course,

Dr. Lucy Rogers Bio

Lucy is a Maker, an engineer and a problem solver. She is adept at bringing others' ideas to life, be it animatronic dinosaurs at Blackgang Chine Theme Park, or miniature mannequins for marketing bespoke dresses. She specialises in taking new technologies into traditional industries and loves to combine ideas from different fields into one package.

She is also skilled at translating technology into Plain English. She is the author of “It’s ONLY Rocket Science" and the soon-to-be published “Wiring the Internet of Things”.

Lucy is one of the leading cheerleaders for the Maker Industry - she celebrates the joy of making and encourages and supports both individual Makers and the industry. This has lead to interesting opportunities such as becoming a judge on the BBC's Robot Wars television show.

Kamil Baczkowicz Bio

Kamil is a Full-Stack Technical Architect at Resonate. He's been heavily involved in developing the UK's leading railway signalling control system and recently has been working on a revolutionary traffic management platform aimed at improving rail journeys across the UK and beyond. IoT enthusiast and practitioner since 2009, Eclipse Paho committer and author of @mqtt_spy.

10 reasons why your IoT project will fail

10 reasons why your IoT project will fail

Yodit Stanton Bio

CEO, & ThingMonk Regular

Events, Data Points, and Messages

Events, Data Points, and Messages

Clemens Vasters Bio

Lead Architect, Azure Messaging Services

Building Streaming IoT platforms with Apache Kafka

When we think IoT, we tend to think of the leaf-node devices; sensors, microcontrollers etc. Whilst embedded devices provide the source of the IoT value chain, they are only the tip of the iceberg. The core value of many commercial IoT platforms sits below the waterline, in the data platforms that leverage the data these devices generate.

Multi-TB/s ingestion rates, even with small message payloads, make Apache Kafka one of the most common backbones for large IoT installations. In this talk will look at some of the key properties of Apache Kafka and its Stream Processing API, reflecting on why these features are important for processing IoT workloads. Finally we’ll touch on some real world examples in the transport and mobile domains.

Ben Stopford Bio

Ben is an engineer and architect at Confluent Inc (the company behind Apache Kafka) where he’s worked on a range of projects from implementing the latest version of the replication protocol through to developing strategies for streaming applications. Before Confluent Ben designed and built a central streaming database for a large investment bank. His earlier career spanned a variety of projects at Thoughtworks and UK-based enterprise companies. Find out more at

Data is the new currency

Data is the new currency

Dr Monica Horten Bio

Dr Monica Horten is a Council of Europe expert and a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She holds a PhD in communications policy from the University of Westminster. Shewas a member of the Council of Europe's Committee of Experts onInternet Freedom. She has run industry and government round tables for a major project in the former Soviet states, and has conducted training sessions for UN & EU-funded capacity building projects. She also provides support with Internet policy advocacy projects for commercial organisations and NGOs. Dr Horten is the author of three books and several academic papers examining Internet-governance policy. She regularly speaks at international conferences on Internet policy issues. Her website,, has a core readership in the Brussels policy community and has been cited in the media. She was shortlisted for The Guardian Open Internet Poll 2012. Twitter @Iptegrit.

The Number One Thing....

The Number One Thing....

Gary Barnett Bio

Gary Barnett is CTO for, a non-profit IoT startup. In his day job Gary is an industry analyst and leads the Enterprise Advisory business for Current Analysis.

Reducing Dimensionality in IoT Data and Analytics

Reducing Dimensionality in IoT Data and Analytics

Sarah Cooper Bio

Dr. Sarah Cooper is AWS’s GM of IoT Analytics and Solutions. With 15yrs experience building IoT devices and platforms, Sarah serves as vice chairwoman of the Internet of Things Community, a 20,000 member organization dedicated to education and information sharing amongst the IoT practitioner community. Formerly, M2Mi’s Chief Operating Officer, responsible for engineering, business development and platform strategy, Sarah was named an IS 50 Most Empowering Women in Business, recognized Top 100 Wireless Technology Expert by Wireless World, a National Academy of Engineers Frontiers of Engineering Awardee, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, inventor of an IoT medical battery that runs on body temperature and a PhD in Physics from University of Sydney. Prior to M2Mi, Sarah founded and sold TE-Bio, an IoT device company, NaturalNano, a publically traded advanced nanomaterials company and conducted fundamental research at NASA and DoE

Stemming the tide: architecture considerations for filtering IoT Data

Stemming the tide: architecture considerations for filtering IoT Data

Andy Stanford Clark Bio

IBM CTO - UK and Ireland. Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor. Innovation and invention. IoT, MQTT. Runner

The Future of Developer Tools for IoT

How will developer tools evolve and scale for building the IoT? This talk looks at emerging and future trends in the developer tools space.

Tracy Miranda Bio

Tracy Miranda is founder & CEO of Kichwa Coders, a consultancy specialising in embedded tools & IDEs. She sits on the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors and is the Chair of the Science Working Group. Tracy has a background in electronics systems design and has US patents granted for her work on processor architectures. She writes for and on tech, open source & diversity.

Digital Twins: From zero to cloud scale

Digital Twins are the new rage in IoT and business potential! Not really, they’ve actually been around for a long time and we’ve been doing business for millennia. What has changed is the scale and complexity that we operate/reason over. Numerous definitions and perspectives of digital twin make it very confusing to get started and understand why they could change the way we live and conduct business. Let’s chat about where they came from, why they exist, how they apply to different parts of the business, how to get started, and how to scale.

Juan Perez Bio

Juan Perez is Principal Program Manager responsible for IoT device management in the Azure IoT group at Microsoft. Juan started his professional software engineering career at Microsoft in 1997, working on web tools, later moving to the operating systems group, and finally working in the hardware innovation group before founding two startups in the areas of agile software engineering tools and cloud-based business collaboration applications. Juan is inventor on eight patents, co-author of ‘Software Engineering with Visual Studio Team System’, published in 2006 by Addison Wesley, a frequent speaker at conferences, and holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida.

Development and deployment: The human factor

Development and deployment: The human factor

Boris Adryan Bio

Boris Adryan ("Boris", or "Dr. Adryan") has a long-standing interest in big data analytics and machine learning. From 2008 to 2015 he lead a method development group at the University of Cambridge. Since 2013 he has been a consultant and hired hand for mostly London based IoT companies. In 2016 Boris did his personal Brexit and moved Frankfurt where he continues to work on IoT and data analytics activities.

Stemming the tide: architecture considerations for filtering IoT Data

Stemming the tide: architecture considerations for filtering IoT Data

Charlie Isaacs Bio

Charlie Isaacs has a track record of R&D leadership at companies like Verizon, Answer Systems (acquired by Computer Associates), Broad Daylight (sold to Primus Knowledge, then ATG and then Oracle), and CTO Kana(Verint). After Kana he joined Alcatel-Lucent/Genesys as VP of Innovation. Charlie is VP/CTO for Customer Connection and claims to have “the best job at Salesforce” as he incubates customers worldwide onto the Salesforce IoT platform. Charlie holds a BSEE from the UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from California Lutheran University. He holds several patents related to CRM and the Internet of Things. He volunteers at organizations helping women and minorities enter STEM fields.

Stemming the tide: architecture considerations for filtering IoT Data

Stemming the tide: architecture considerations for filtering IoT Data

Martin Gale Bio

Martin is a Program Architect with Salesforce where he helps customers set themselves up for success with the Salesforce platform. He has a long held special interest in the Internet of Things having previously worked on the development of MQTT during his time at IBM, and is excited about about how the Internet of Things is changing the experiences of customers and the people that support them. Martin's interests and world view stem from a twenty plus year career focused on advanced technology and user experience, having played leading roles in topics such as e-commerce, mobility and big data in the past.

Digital Twin & Farming

Digital Twin & Farming

Rob Carter Bio

CEO at Fieldmargin. Recovering Accountant.

Blockchain secured IOT

Blockchain secured IOT

Joe Pindar Bio

Joseph is a founding member of the Trusted IoT Alliance, and a fifteen-year veteran of the information security industry. Joseph focus has always been on securing systems and catching bad guys, which led to his current work areas of - blockchain, IOT, UX, and investigating the way habits are formed. Outside of the Trusted IoT Alliance, Joseph is the Director of Strategy in Gemalto’s CTO Office – working with development teams to create new services and meet customer needs with simplified security solutions.